Speak to a dentist to know if it’s possible for you to get dental implants. Dental implants are great alternatives if you’re becoming self-conscious due to a missing a tooth. It’s also a better alternative to those who don’t want to wear dentures and for patients who don’t have a strong tooth structure. 

Getting dental implants is the highly preferred way of replacing a missing tooth. They are quite effective, and they blend perfectly with other teeth. They are a great long-term way to restore your smile. In the last 40 years, the design and use of dental implants have been one of the major developments in the field of dentistry. Dental implants consist of titanium, zirconium, or other human body-compatible metals. These implants are like posts surgically positioned in the lower or upper jaw. Their function is to serve as a robust anchor for substitute teeth. 

Understanding More about Dental Implants  

Most patients find dental implants as a stable, secure, and ideal replacement for their missing or problem tooth. The implant is usually installed in three phases. The phases of installing dental implants are as follows:  

  1. Base Installation 

First, the dentist will get his or her patient on the surgical table to place the dental implant in the jaws. During the healing process, the dentist will recommend a soft food diet. Warm soup and certain cold food may also be allowed.  

  1. Osseointegration

The next process is called osseointegration. It is when the bone that covers the implant starts to recover. The thing that makes dental implants so strong is the fact that the bone grows over it and holds it. Osseointegration may take time. Some patients will have to wait for several months for the implant to be fully integrated with the bones. Until then, the replacement tooth can’t be attached.  

  1. Artificial Tooth Installation 

The last stage is when the artificial tooth is installed. The dentist will tailor the new tooth for every patient if it’s just a single tooth implant procedure. The new tooth is referred to as the dental crown. The crown is designed to fit into your other gums and blend with the teeth. The design will be based on the shape, color, and size of your existing teeth.  

When you lose more than one tooth, the teeth and braces are fitted with personalized bridges and dentures. A new set of teeth typically takes some time to produce. Your dentist could install a temporary denture, crown, or bridge so you can talk and eat normally until your dental implants are ready.  

Other Considerations  

The option to install dental implants is only available for patients with good health. Your health is considered when getting dental implants. You must be evaluated medically by a doctor before any surgery or implant procedure is scheduled. 

Following the operation, chronic conditions, such as diabetes and leukemia, can interfere with the cure. Individuals with these health conditions are not the most ideal implant candidates. The use of tobacco will also make the healing process slower. So, if you think that you’re qualified to get dental implants, then it’s time that you search for dental implants near me