Many would feel bad that they can’t clean some of the parts of the houses as they don’t have much time and at the same time, they are unreachable. That means that you need to give some efforts and time in order for you to get them to the right place and clean them without thinking of the time. Most of the places and areas of the house could be very dirty when you experience window installation or when you have the renovation of the house and the flooring. That would simply say that you are going to give so much time or hire someone to clean the place and the overall structure of the house like the walls.     Here are some of the parts of the house that you could actually try to think deeper next time before you start cleaning the parts and the sections at home  We tend to be lazy cleaning those things and stuff we have on the ceiling part as we can’t reach them well and we are always in a hurry there. We sometimes think of how can we get there on the top in order for you to clean them one by one as some would try to use a chair. If you are having a hard time with this, then you may use a feather duster being attached on a long rod or stick in order for you to reach. You can use this one to the fan on the ceiling and even to the top section of the windows in your house as you don’t need to use others.   If your problem is that there could be too much spider webs and dust on the ceiling as feather duster would not be able to get all of them there. Then you could try to use a broom stick that is connected to a rod as well so that you can easily clean the top part without taking much time. Of course, you could invent and make use of all the ideas that you have like using the sponge or any types of things that you could use in there. It is very useful as well to those people who are having a hard time to clean the top section and layer of the cabinet and you can’t see it.   Some houses would have a blind which is they used to cover the window and most of the house owners would clean this one in the wrong way and steps. Some of the windows as well especially with those homes with sliding windows, the accumulated dust on the screen of it is too much and hard to be removed easily. It is a nice idea that you would use a vacuum cleaner to absorb and get all the dust before you wipe with a wet tissue or piece of cloth. You always have the choice to hire someone or a company but you need to think about the expenses that you are going to pay.